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Yesterday at Wal-Mart while waiting for my car’s oil to be changed, I decided to peruse the endless aisles of “everything under the sun but somehow, not exactly what you want.”

In the women’s clothing section, I overheard a mother and daughter (around 15 years old) shopping for a new outfit presumably for a family photo.   Now, how do I say this so I can paint you a picture without being rude to these strangers.   They looked like they were very nice individuals, but they were also average looking with a general disregard to popular trends.   Given that…this is the short snippet of a conversation I overheard…

Daughter:  (holding black summery dress) What about this?

Mother:  You can’t wear that dress like that.  You need to put a tank top underneath it.

Daughter:  (emphatically)  Oh…. of course!  With this?  (holding up black tank top)

Mother:  UGh! Noooo.  Black on black?  What do you want to looking like?  One of those emo-ee people?

Daughter: I guess not.  White?

Mother:  Nana is wearing white.  You would just blend in…we’ll look over here.

I don’t know why this conversation amused me so much.  I guess 1) because everyone’s fashion tastes are so clearly…different, and 2) there is no way that girl would ever be confused as emo….

Oh society…you never fail to amuse me.

(Yeah, I know.  Not a strong comeback…but I’ve gotta start somewhere.)


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