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Um, not really—but it did put him in quite a predicament.

As you know, I’m currently working and going back to school.  It’s quite time-consuming.  (Have you, dear reader, noticed a serious lack of quality posts?  Oh yes.  That is the reason why.  And don’t let these recent posts fool you.  I created them all during my week off from school.   Sneaky, sneaky.)  Anyway, I have 14 weeks of school straight through summer.  It almost seems cruel and unusual.    But, if I survive those 14 weeks, I will emerge with 3 weeks off in August.

Cue the thought process….. —–>  End of summer.  3 weeks off.  Days off from work to spare……VACATION TIME BABY!!

So, I realized this a few weeks ago, but Joe and I are no closer to picking a destination.  The indecision is killing me! ha!  There are just so many great places to go that I don’t know where to start.  We also want to go to non-kid friendly destinations so we can do the fun couple traveling before we have kids.  MUST….FIT….IT….ALL….IN!!!!!!!!!!  (Don’t read too much into that.  We aren’t even close to the wee-ones.  But when you take a vacation once every two years, its something to consider.)  Budget is also something to consider but isn’t the limiting factor if a really cool trip came along.

Anyway…where was your favorite vacation?  Any recommendations???  HELP!!!!!   🙂


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You snooze you lose.

So…I’m sad, and some of you will share in this sadness as our potential business dreams have been dashed.

Last summer, while the family was vacationing in Tennessee, enjoying a hot breakfast with bacon…the idea came to us…we could put this wondrous scent in a jar…no! …in a candle. And they shall be called ‘man’dles. (Duh – du – DUM!!!!) 🙂




Sadly, we are too late with our genius idea. Some dude in Montana is already making our mandles. Grumble grumble.

“Oh yes Mr. Montana! You’re soooo creaative!! We thought of it too….jerk.”

…and somehow I doubt they’ve been making these products since 1907. Just a hunch.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board…

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