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Um, not really—but it did put him in quite a predicament.

As you know, I’m currently working and going back to school.  It’s quite time-consuming.  (Have you, dear reader, noticed a serious lack of quality posts?  Oh yes.  That is the reason why.  And don’t let these recent posts fool you.  I created them all during my week off from school.   Sneaky, sneaky.)  Anyway, I have 14 weeks of school straight through summer.  It almost seems cruel and unusual.    But, if I survive those 14 weeks, I will emerge with 3 weeks off in August.

Cue the thought process….. —–>  End of summer.  3 weeks off.  Days off from work to spare……VACATION TIME BABY!!

So, I realized this a few weeks ago, but Joe and I are no closer to picking a destination.  The indecision is killing me! ha!  There are just so many great places to go that I don’t know where to start.  We also want to go to non-kid friendly destinations so we can do the fun couple traveling before we have kids.  MUST….FIT….IT….ALL….IN!!!!!!!!!!  (Don’t read too much into that.  We aren’t even close to the wee-ones.  But when you take a vacation once every two years, its something to consider.)  Budget is also something to consider but isn’t the limiting factor if a really cool trip came along.

Anyway…where was your favorite vacation?  Any recommendations???  HELP!!!!!   🙂


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