Blogger Fail.

Self: Hi Everyone.  My name is Sara, and I’m a failed blogger.

Group:  Hi Sara.

Self: It’s been three months since my last blog entry.

Group:  (-gasps!-)

It’s official.  I fail as a blogger.    I should make excuses (and I most likely will), but really, I just haven’t thought about it.  If anyone is still out there reading my sorry little blog, thanks for hanging on.  I make no promises, but I sure do try.  So now, to the legitimate excuses….

  1. I started school.  I don’t think I realized how much time I would need for the classes, but it has been quite consuming this fall.  On that note, its going quite well and have a mere 4 days left in the semester.  (OOohh, that’s why I decided to write now…I’m procrastinating. ha!)
  2. The lack of privacy is kinda freaking me out.   I find myself wanting to write things, but then realize I don’t really want to share that with lots of unknown internet-ers, so I err on the side of not.
  3. Lack of content.  In general, I’ve been feeling pretty blah.  And really, there is only so many times a blogger can write, “well, not much going on here” before people catch on that she actually has nothing interesting to say.  I’m in a slump I suppose.

So what has happened since September?  Well, went to Helen to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, did lots of math problems, wrote some papers, thought about buying lots of big stuff (car, dog, furniture…), didn’t buy anything (ha!), missed Indiana, Joe’s birthday, chopped off my hair (~12 inches), voted for Atlanta’s mayor, dressed up as Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones for Halloween, watched way too much new tv, and got ready for Christmas. And that is where we currently are…thinking of the holidays and getting ready for a two week vacation.  Oh sweet sleeping in.  How I love thee.

Stay tuned.  There might be more coming soon….or it might be Easter before there is another entry, and if it is, I’m sure I’ll be armed with plenty of new excuses.  🙂


Rainy days.

Its days like these when I’m glad I don’t have my dream house by a river or lake.  It hasn’t stopped raining here in Atlanta in what seems like ages.  (There has been a reprieve today but we’ll see if it lasts.)  We are pretty lucky though.  Our house is dry and as far as I know, our friends and co-workers are unaffected as well…

I found some crazy pictures and videos you should check out…

Video:   Flooding down the street

The first place they are taking video of is on my way to work.  Normally this creek barely trickles.  It is amazing if it flows at all.  Wow.  The second location is on our way to church.  It’s so weird seeing everything underwater that normally is beautiful grass and houses.

Picture:  I-75/85 flooded.

Who would’ve thought that the highways would flood?

I guess it was good that I had to work really, really late last night.    Driving home I had to take an alternative route because of the flooding and I encountered the creepiest thing.  All the power was out on Howell Mill.   Super markets, gas stations, traffic lights…everything was pitch black.  A car had pulled up with its headlights on to the front window of Fellini’s so the people inside wouldn’t be in complete darkness.  It was as if we lived in the middle of nowhere.

What a strange few days in Atlanta.  I have a feeling the clean up is going to take awhile…

Let’s play a game.

I was looking through some summer movie previews when I came across a poster for the new Megan Fox movie, Jennifer’s Body.


Sexy.  Slightly evil.  And very familiar…..



So the game is—how many differences do you see??  I count 4 main ones right away…

Information overload

I love the internet. It can be my best friend, doctor, personal navigator…but today, I’m sick of it.

It is practically impossible to come up with an original idea. A quick google search with inform you that countless others have thought of that very thing long before you.

Is it possible to have a truly original idea?  I’m becoming disheartened…

An evening to remember.

I went to Los Angeles to celebrate the 4th of July with my husband…and to see Death Cab for Cutie play the Hollywood Bowl on July 5th.  I first heard about the show just as I was missing them play the Fox in Atlanta and I was determined not to miss them again, so I booked my flight and counted down the days until the tickets went on sale.


Before I continue, I should preface this post with some background (that I’m completely biased).  I love Ben Gibbard (the lead singer).  One of my very first blog ideas was (and I quote) titled, “Ben Gibbard Rocks.”  It’s not that he is particularly sexy so it’s not that kind of love, but there is something about his voice and his words that just get me.  I also find it interesting that he studied engineering, yet he can have such a poetic, artistic side.  Maybe it’s not so unusual for engineers to have this duality…



We got to the Hollywood Bowl early.  We had parked at the Kodak Theater parking and walked the 0.75 miles to the venue.  (As advice to future Bowl patrons, this worked out really nicely.  It was $10 to park, a short walk, and we avoided the nightmare parking that was at the venue itself.  They do stacked parking at the Bowl, so you can’t leave until the guy in front of you returns to his car.  It looked incredibly frustrating and like an accident waiting to happen. Just my 2 cents…)  Part of neat thing about the Hollywood Bowl is the atmosphere.  You bring a picnic, some wine, sit and relax with friends outdoors and wait for the show to start.  Joe and I brought some snack foods (peaches and sun chips) and some wine, but quickly got food envy of those around us.  These people went WAY beyond the regular cheese, meat and crackers.  We saw salads, tortellini, homemade salsas, …everything looked so good!  (Second piece of advice:  BRING WINE!!  If you don’t and decide you want some during the performance, its like $40.  Plan ahead and buy 4 bottles instead and make it a REALLY good night.)  Our seats were decent.  We were about probably half-way up (or down), so far enough away that the people on stage looked quite small, but the could have been a LOT smaller if we were at the top.  We had binoculars which came in handy for assisted viewing.

At 7pm, the first to perform was The New Pornographers.  I had heard some of their music before (primarily on SomaFM) and they put on a decent performance.  I particularly enjoyed hearing “Sing me Spanish Techno.”  They also addressed their band name by saying “…We’ve heard that some of you find our name offensive.  But you are okay with Cutie getting killed in a Death Cab.  That hardly seems fair!!”  🙂  They played for ~30 minutes and were followed by Teagan & Sara.  The banter between the two sisters was quite enjoyable.  They made it clear how nervous they felt playing to such a large crowd (the Bowl seats ~17,000 people) when she said, “….I’m sorry I can’t say anything witty right now.  There’s so many of you staring at me and you’re making me nauseous….but in a good way.”  (…I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.)  That is something I appreciate in a concert.  I want to hear the artist speak.  There is something amazing about hearing the music live, but I always appreciate the small dialog that give the audience a glimpse at what kind of people are up there behind the microphone.


Tegan & Sara

Joe and I both liked Tegan & Sara’s performance, with the small exception of some noisy patrons right next to us!  Anyway, I was so paranoid about having to go to the restroom mid-performance that I scurried to the ladies room right as Tegan & Sara’s last song was ending.  I got there and thought the line was long already, but when I got out…it was the longest line I’ve ever seen.  It just kept going & going…so thankfully, we got back to our seats with plenty of time!sign

The lights went out and Death Cab for Cutie took the stage.  I started to cry a little.  Out section was pretty mellow so as they were walking out, I started to muffle my shouts of joy.  Then Joe whispered to me…”Its okay to yell, Sara.”….so ater that, I certainly did.  Oh, it was beautiful.  Song after song, I was so happy when each started as I thought to myself, “Oooo, I love this one!!”  It’s such a wonderful concert experience when you truly enjoy all of a group’s music…then you aren’t waiting through the entire concert for that one song to come on.  I thought it would have been funny had they played “Why’d You Want to Live Here” a song that details his LA experience, stating that the city smells like an airport runway and discusses people having trouble breathing.  I wonder if that would’ve gone over well with the crowd…

I was unsure how the concert was going to happen as they were scheduled to play with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.  I really wanted to hear them play some of their normal stuff with their typical sound, as that is what I fell in love with, but I was excited to hear this unique performance with an orchestra as well.  The broke it up into 2 main sections:  11 songs with just Death Cab, the closing out with the Philharmonic playing behind them.  It seemed that sometimes the orchestra with the band didn’t mix perfectly, but overall I found it to be very enjoyable.  The set list is below…

Death Cab for Cutie set list:
“Marching Bands of Manhattan”
“Your Heart is an Empty Room”
“The New Year”
“Crooked Teeth”
“President of What?”
“No Sunlight”
“Summer Skin”
“I Will Possess Your Heart”
“Little Bribes”
“The Sound of Settling”

With the Los Angeles Philharmonic:
“I Will Follow You Into the Dark”
“You Can Do Better Than Me”
“Grapevine Fires”
“Title and Registration”
“A Movie Script Ending”
“Soul Meets Body”

I particularly enjoyed “The New Year”, “I Will Possess Your Heart”, “Grapevine Fires”, and “Transatlanticism”.  The finale, “Transatlanticism” was breath-taking.  There were fireworks going off behind the stage, timed perfectly to the music.  I watched a youtube video that someone had made of the finale, and the best thing it does is remind me of the amazing feeling I had while I was there.  It doesn’t even come close to portraying how fabulous it was.

We finally made it home around 12:30AM, and I had to catch a 7:50AM flight that morning.  I was so tired the next day, but it was more than worth it.  So from that night,  I have a DCFC tshirt (that reminds me of Santa Monica as it has a big ferris wheel on it), a ticket stub, crappy, blurry photos from the concert, and some amazing memories….I just can’t wait to see them again.


Do unto others.

I had a 9:15AM appointment the other day.  It was 9:16AM as I’m circling the levels of parking decks when I see one lone spot.  The car to the left had parked a little over the line, but I pulled in anyway and managed to squeeze my way out (I have quite long doors) just to run to the elevator to try and make my appointment.  I came back less than 1 hour later to find this gem on my drivers side window.


The most amusing part to me is that as I was walking up to my space I thought to myself (I KID YOU NOT)…

Wow.  There is a lot of space on that passengers side of my car.  Hmm….I guess I could’ve parked more to the right to make it easier to get in and out for myself.  Eh, it’s okay.  At least I parked between the lines unlike that guy.  (-referring to the car to my left-)  Oh look! A note….I wonder if its a Bible verse or something telling me to go to church…

I have conflicting emotions about this little note.

  1. First, I do feel bad for getting someone so upset to the point they felt they needed to write me an anonymous note.
  2. …but then I realize that I was completely parked in my spot…between all lines.  There wasn’t anything I could have done differently to avoid making said lady so upset.
  3. And when I realize that she just made me feel bad about something I really couldn’t change,  then I kinda laugh to myself picturing a pregnant lady trying to crawl over the seat fuming the whole time.   (Does that make me evil??)
  4. Then I wonder if all 7.5 month pregnant ladies are as emotional?
  5. …And if she couldn’t get into her car, how in the world did she squeeze her belly in between my car and the guy on the line to the left just to leave me the castigating note?

I thought about putting on the next car over as they actually had parked poorly but that would just transfer the animosity, so I opted not.   Oh the joys of random strangers.  Would you feel bad?  Do you leave random notes?

Life lessons…

…learned the hard way.

  1. Sketchy places (most likely) will do sketchy work. [If you go to a sketchy place to get your flat tire fixed, plan on ~1-2 months later, having it go flat again….at 11:30PM…after you just got back from the airport…and you haven’t eaten all day…hypothetically speaking of course.]
  2. Check the tire pressure in your spare BEFORE you really need it. [It turns out, your spare tire will not always be full and ready for you.  You should routinely check the pressure to ensure that it does in fact have air in it so that when you finish changing your flat…now at midnight…after getting back from the airport…you can actually go home rather than have 2 flat tires and no idea what to do at that point….again, hypothetically.]
  3. Take off your rings while changing a tire even if your hands are already dirty and you don’t want to stick them in your pocket. [Not only will they stay cleaner that way, you will also avoid cracking the band on your antique engagement ring unknowingly while jacking up the car only to find it days later on an airplane and burst into tears as a result.]

[Some after-the-fact details:  That night, I borrowed Emma’s car (thanks, Emma!), took my 2 flat tires to the gas station, filled them up, put the spare on, and eventually made it home ~1AM.  The ring has a hairline crack in the band.  It is soldered to my wedding band so it is safe, but has yet to be fixed.]