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Yesterday at Wal-Mart while waiting for my car’s oil to be changed, I decided to peruse the endless aisles of “everything under the sun but somehow, not exactly what you want.”

In the women’s clothing section, I overheard a mother and daughter (around 15 years old) shopping for a new outfit presumably for a family photo.   Now, how do I say this so I can paint you a picture without being rude to these strangers.   They looked like they were very nice individuals, but they were also average looking with a general disregard to popular trends.   Given that…this is the short snippet of a conversation I overheard…

Daughter:  (holding black summery dress) What about this?

Mother:  You can’t wear that dress like that.  You need to put a tank top underneath it.

Daughter:  (emphatically)  Oh…. of course!  With this?  (holding up black tank top)

Mother:  UGh! Noooo.  Black on black?  What do you want to looking like?  One of those emo-ee people?

Daughter: I guess not.  White?

Mother:  Nana is wearing white.  You would just blend in…we’ll look over here.

I don’t know why this conversation amused me so much.  I guess 1) because everyone’s fashion tastes are so clearly…different, and 2) there is no way that girl would ever be confused as emo….

Oh society…you never fail to amuse me.

(Yeah, I know.  Not a strong comeback…but I’ve gotta start somewhere.)


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I had a 9:15AM appointment the other day.  It was 9:16AM as I’m circling the levels of parking decks when I see one lone spot.  The car to the left had parked a little over the line, but I pulled in anyway and managed to squeeze my way out (I have quite long doors) just to run to the elevator to try and make my appointment.  I came back less than 1 hour later to find this gem on my drivers side window.


The most amusing part to me is that as I was walking up to my space I thought to myself (I KID YOU NOT)…

Wow.  There is a lot of space on that passengers side of my car.  Hmm….I guess I could’ve parked more to the right to make it easier to get in and out for myself.  Eh, it’s okay.  At least I parked between the lines unlike that guy.  (-referring to the car to my left-)  Oh look! A note….I wonder if its a Bible verse or something telling me to go to church…

I have conflicting emotions about this little note.

  1. First, I do feel bad for getting someone so upset to the point they felt they needed to write me an anonymous note.
  2. …but then I realize that I was completely parked in my spot…between all lines.  There wasn’t anything I could have done differently to avoid making said lady so upset.
  3. And when I realize that she just made me feel bad about something I really couldn’t change,  then I kinda laugh to myself picturing a pregnant lady trying to crawl over the seat fuming the whole time.   (Does that make me evil??)
  4. Then I wonder if all 7.5 month pregnant ladies are as emotional?
  5. …And if she couldn’t get into her car, how in the world did she squeeze her belly in between my car and the guy on the line to the left just to leave me the castigating note?

I thought about putting on the next car over as they actually had parked poorly but that would just transfer the animosity, so I opted not.   Oh the joys of random strangers.  Would you feel bad?  Do you leave random notes?

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I am currently reading the Harry Potter series.  (Please—No comments about the story!  I’m only on Book 5!)  Perhaps that’s why I haven’t posted a blog in awhile.  I have been spending my free time reading and not writing.  Anyway, I came to realize today that my dreams are like boggarts.  For those of you that haven’t read the stories, a boggart is  a shape-shifter that takes on the form of its intended victim’s worst fear.  If you are terrified of spiders and encounter a boggart, there in front of you will be the most menacing spider you could have ever imagined.

So, I’ve been having really bad dreams lately.   I dunno if my sleep schedule is out of whack, or I’m eating something I shouldn’t before bed…who knows, but I only seem to have bad dreams about things I fear or dread.  (The other night I dreamt about zombies.  I guess I don’t consciously fear zombies, but they still don’t give you that warm, fuzzy feeling when you wake up.)  When I h ave bad dreams, I don’t feel as if I slept at all.  I’m exhausted.  Last night, I dreamt that Joe was going to divorce me.  It was so horrible.  I remember him packing saying he just couldn’t do it anymore.  But its not the dream that is so bad…its the feeling that it truly is real.  My boggart dream caused my little heart to break last night.

If only I could have a “Riddikulus” charm (the defense used in the book) equivalent.  Lucid dreaming would be a plus.  I could realize that this situation is just too horrible, too ridiculous to be real and just tell it to project something nicer.  Today was great because despite the fact I woke up upset, seeing Joe fast asleep right beside me calmed me like magic.  🙂

Any suggestions for combating pesky boggart dreams?  Think good thoughts?  Don’t read Harry Potter right before bed? Ha!

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I just saw this on cuteoverload.   I know lots of you visit that site on a daily basis, but I didn’t want those of you who didn’t to miss out on this truly amazing video.


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Joe sent me this link…and I think it came from Josh originally.  (Gotta give the proper credit I guess.)

The website is called  “This is why you’re fat.” —and I find it hilarious!!!


It’s a photographic compilation of the largest, most fat-filled foods.  Bacon seems to be a common denominator through some of those listed (bacon ice cream, ‘Baconaise’, etc.) but it certainly is not limited to meats.

One of my personal favorites is the ’60 lb rice krispie treat’  —shown below.  It’s sad because a lot of the other foods kind of gross me out…but this one….this sweet morsel of delectibleness…oh, nom nom nom!!!!


I’ve watched Man vs. Food a few times on the travel channel.  This guy travels around finding the most outrageous food challenges (e.g. : The Big Texan, the 7 lb burrito) and tries to conquer (aka – finish the meal) them.   I wonder if these two should team up?

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Poor logo?

So, across the parking lot from where I work, there is  a Kumon Learning center.  This is what their logo looks like above the main entrance…


Does the face in the letter ‘O’ really inspire you to learn? I feel like little face is uncertain and unhappy, like ” if I have to learn I guess I’ll try because my parents are sending me here.”

Some other ideas…they are accepting of mediocrity (you don’t have to have a full smiley face to come here), or maybe the eyes are looking up to the instructors there for help…

Who knows.  But I found it odd.  Any thoughts? (As a side note, I have no idea about their methods or if they are a great place to go…I’m just talking about the logo.)

Anyway, thats my random thought for the day…and I wanted to break my LOOONG streak of no blogging.  I will probably finish the honeymoon sometime, but the posts were so long and the thought of writing for hours was just too daunting to deal with over the holidays.  My apologies!

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Koda & Joe


Luckily for me…Koda loves Joe. 🙂




When Joe went to DC for the weekend, he was the most quiet, mellow kitty you would ever see. We’d lounge on the couch, sleep in together…he’d lay on my book as I was trying to read…but as soon as Joe got back, Koda was just Mr. Outgoing! He walks around meowing to us (specifically Joe) to see if anyone is listening. He’ll follow Joe downstairs just talking away…



All I can say is that this loud, chatty side of Koda…well, he certainly doesn’t get it from me!! haha

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