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…learned the hard way.

  1. Sketchy places (most likely) will do sketchy work. [If you go to a sketchy place to get your flat tire fixed, plan on ~1-2 months later, having it go flat again….at 11:30PM…after you just got back from the airport…and you haven’t eaten all day…hypothetically speaking of course.]
  2. Check the tire pressure in your spare BEFORE you really need it. [It turns out, your spare tire will not always be full and ready for you.  You should routinely check the pressure to ensure that it does in fact have air in it so that when you finish changing your flat…now at midnight…after getting back from the airport…you can actually go home rather than have 2 flat tires and no idea what to do at that point….again, hypothetically.]
  3. Take off your rings while changing a tire even if your hands are already dirty and you don’t want to stick them in your pocket. [Not only will they stay cleaner that way, you will also avoid cracking the band on your antique engagement ring unknowingly while jacking up the car only to find it days later on an airplane and burst into tears as a result.]

[Some after-the-fact details:  That night, I borrowed Emma’s car (thanks, Emma!), took my 2 flat tires to the gas station, filled them up, put the spare on, and eventually made it home ~1AM.  The ring has a hairline crack in the band.  It is soldered to my wedding band so it is safe, but has yet to be fixed.]


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Today is my 26th birthday! Wooo!!  As you, dear reader, are well aware, I have been struggling with the mid-mid life crisis and the aging process.  (read – gray hair post.)  But today, is a welcomed and joyous day…how often do you turn 26?


I must admit I am actually writing this on June 4th.  I will be traveling tomorrow to San Francisco where I get to spend the weekend with Joe and friends.  I couldn’t think of any way I’d rather spend my birthday.  Well, maybe swimming in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck with Joe and friends…but I’ll save that’s for another day.


My random birthday thoughts:

  1. I hope that I never get to the age of dreading my birthday.  I realize that time sneaks up on you these days.  Being 5 took forever…but being 25 seemed like a quick walk around the block.  I think that as long as you are happy with the progress you have made in the last year, a birthday is always welcome and to be celebrated.
  2. That being said…I just pictured Joe and I celebrating my 70th birthday and its pretty cool.  Maybe I’ll get a bright pink cake topped with a bonfire of 70 candles just for the fun of it.
  3. My parents always said I was a great child…until it was my birthday, and then the terror was released.  (I believe the word my mom used was “brat”.)
  4. My family celebrated half-birthdays.  We would get a cake with 5 1/2 candles on top (for example) while being sung to…”Happy half-birthday to you!…”  No wonder my full birthday expectations were so high! haha
  5. One of my favorite birthday memories was a surprise party I had when I turned 16.  (I think.)  Joy, Darcy, and I were at the fair when one of them decided to go for a walk around the park.  I look up the hill at this pavilion area and see all my friends…and my mom….and I was so confused.  “I wonder what’s going on??”, I asked.  “OH!  I think its something with Young life, ” Joy quickly replied.  I had never been so surprised nor flattered that it was a party just for me.
  6. I’m hard to surprise.  My parents tried a first surprise party when I was younger.  (5-7ish?)  We were carpooling to dance lessons with my friends Darcy and Sarah.  When we got to my house and I normally am just let out of the car, Darcy and Sarah jumped out of the vehicle before I could get out, but not before turning and looking at me and giggling.  The giggling gave it away.  I knew right then something was up…but it was good time none the less.
  7. Summer birthday’s are awesome.
  8. One of the worst birthday memories I have was from a few years ago.  I received a carefully wrapped package from my sister.  I was by myself for some reason that year and had this one, perfect box to open.  I sat down alone to open it…and within the box were smaller items.  As I went to unwrap them, I noticed something was off.   Item 1 was a little plate that had broken in transit.  I was pretty disappointed, but moved on.  Item 2 was a little cup….that had broken.   Moved on.  Item 3 – dish.  Broken.  I too, then broke down into tears.  It was so sad.  I have all 3 pieces still.  I fixed them with some industrial strength glue, and for some reason, they make me smile about that day when I see them around the house.
  9. My parents were born on the same day.  For the longest time, I thought that’s how you knew you’d found true love…if your birthdays were the same.  Maybe Mark Wahlberg doesn’t know that we are soulmates yet…mark-wahlberg

26 has a good ring to it.  Nice, even numbers.  And, being 25 was great.  I traveled to cool places, married my wonderful husband, and made memories along the way.  Who knows.  Maybe at 26, you are past the quarter-life crisis and just live.  That would be pretty sweet.

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So I’ve been pretty anti-morning recently.  Just ask my lovely husband…I think when he came into to wake me  up sweetly this morning, I simply muttered (or shouted?  I was asleep.  How am I to know the exact level of my voice?), ‘No, no, no!!”  Needless to say, it’s been a bit rough.

So I’m on my way to work…a bit late when the thought of Chick-fil-A popped in my head as a little something to brighten my morning.  (Sorry Yajeev!)  I tell myself no and continue driving.  When I am approaching the traffic light that is the decision point…straight is the faster way to work, turn right to go past Chick-fil-A.  As luck would have it, just as I am in the straight lane, the light turns yellow, I take evasive action and go right.  I guess the hands of fate guided my car….haha!


Anyway, I’m rambling.    Long story short.  I go to Chick-fil-A and get my lovely number #1, to go.  (I always go inside to order.  I find it such a hassle to ask for all my little packets of ketchup, honey, sugar, napkins, creamer, etc.  I also try to mitigate the risk of getting the wrong order.  Don’t you hate when you drive off and the food and/or drink is wrong??  Wow…rambling again.)  Total price = $4.02.  I scrounge around my wallet for 2 cents to no avail, so I hand the cashier a five.

Cashier:  Do you have 2 pennies?

Me:  No, sorry.  I’ve only have one.

Random man standing next to me (waiting on his food):  OH!  I’ve got a penny!!  Here!  I should  have known to give you one.  I saw you looking, but didn’t put it together!

Me:  Thank you so much….

Man:  Of course!!  I hope you have a great day!!!

So he gave me a penny.  You are probably thinking,,,big deal, right?  But, he was genuine, and nice, and joyous to help someone even if in a small way.  Living in a city, those people are rare and it really brightened my day running into him.  (I find it slightly ironic that I went looking for happiness in food, and I got it through human interactions…) It was worth so much more to me than a silly little penny.


So I guess my challenge to you is think about your small actions today.  Are you the person that would give a penny? or are you the bystander who rolls his eyes at the lady rummaging through her purse (probably all the while thinking, “Hurry up lady!  I’m just trying to get my food!!”)   Like most people, depending on the day, I could be either…but I hope that you will take time to do something nice today.  It may be appreciated more than you know…

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A post about all things cows…

Cows in the News:

So, there is all this hubbub about how cows all over the world align themselves to magnetic North.

Joe and I were talking about it in passing and he said…”Maybe they are just trying to keep the sun out of their eyes.”  I love that idea.  It just makes logical sense.  I’d like to read more about the scientists theories about why the the cows align North/South and it would be very interesting if this action were an indication that the cows have little internal compasses…but I don’t see the evolutionary benefit to eating grass and sleeping while facing North or South rather than East/West.

A more personal cow story…(Mom, sorry if I get this wrong…)

Apparently, we used to own a cow.  If I remember right, her name was Bessie.  (I’m not even sure if I was born yet…I just hear the stories and feel like I was there but I was just too young to remember it clearly….so I’m assuming I was around.)  So, my Dad is a truck driver.  When we were younger, he would go on the road for a few days  leaving the girls (Mom, 2 daughters, 1 cow) to fend for ourselves.  One cold snowy evening in Indiana when my father was away, poor Bessie felt trapped and needed to stretch her legs.  She got out and proceeded to run down the street.  Upon noticing this, my brave mother had to take off running after this cow.  Again, as I wasn’t there….I’m not sure exactly what happened…but I just picture her…frantically running after this farm animal in her nightgown and overcoat….all the while, muttering to herself…”Man, Chuck.  When you get back…..” At the same time, Bessie was probably humming to herself…””Can’t catch Meeeeee…….”HAHA.  🙂 After that fateful evening, I don’t know what happened to Bessie….perhaps I don’t want to know.

Probably what Bessie looked like running away from my Mom.

Probably what Bessie looked like running away from my Mom.

Cows on Parade:

I think I’ve blogged about Cow Parade before…but back in 2000, my mom fell in love for the first time with a collectible item.  She is a very “low fluff” kind of person.  Her motto is, “The more stuff I collect, the more I have to dust.”  So it was a shock to us all when she found amusement with these figurines.  Cow Parade is a public art exhibit in which artists take the standard cow form and modify, paint, decorate, etc it.  These cows are displayed all around the city, and after the show, the pieces are auctioned off for charity…and they sell smaller replicas for individual households.  My mom got such a kick out of some of them…for awhile, it was a running joke to come up with most creatively themed cow.  (My brother-in-law was quite good at that…)  Some of the cows sold were Tutan-cow-man (dressed like King Tut), Moo-dolph (Santa’s reindeer, Rudolph)…you get the idea.

So my first memory of college is my parents moving me in, hugging me goodbye, and watching them drive off to Kansas City to see the Cow Parade in person.  I don’t think they were going to mind being empty-nesters at all!  At least I had my own cow…my Mooo-net (painted like ‘Waterlilies’) to put on my desk in my dorm room.  (I should note that my family’s amusement with these collectibles has greatly tapered off…but they still have a few around the house that make me smile when I come over to visit.)




Cheeseburger, anyone??  Mmmm……

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So,,,our wedding invitations are supposed to come in the mail today.  I keep checking the UPS website every 20 minutes to see if they have been delivered.

….I’m excited but more so…I just hope that they are right.  I spent so much time agonizing over what to order.  (Please see Emma’s blog for an animated representation of what I went through.)  Honestly, there is so much froofy wedding stuff.  It’s hard to wade thru it all…NO.  I do not want Cinderella on my invitations.  No castles.   No roses.  No hearts.  Bleeeeh.  I did find some that were awesome.  Modern.  Unique.  …And like $10 for one measly invitation.  HAHA.

Anyway, things are coming along.  I can’t believe how soon the wedding is.  I have this binder full of tasks and “to-do’s” by month.  We are now on the 2-3 months page…when I still have tasks open from the 6-7 month one.  (-groan-)

Veee shalll seeeee………

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Slowly but surely…

I was flipping through some facebook photos of a friend of a friend’s birthday celebration. There were 4 girls dressed up looking cheerful and the caption stated simply, “25th birthday dinner.” Upon seeing this, I immediately though to myself, “Wow that’s old….”



(….wait for the realization)




“………..Wait a second!!…….I’m 25. OHhhhh, crap.”

It took me awhile, but it finally set it that I’m 25. HAHAHA. I’m officially an old putz.  (-rolls eyes at self-)


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When I graduated from high school, some friends and I all went camping to celebrate. We were excited about moving out, moving up, and moving on from our small town. When we were packing up the next morning, my friend Greg (whom I’ve known since we were in 6th or 7th grade) started giving me this heartfelt goodbye. I kind of laughed it off and just told him, “Its not like I’m not going to see you!!” For years now, he’s given me a hard time about this and tells me that I’m horrible at goodbyes…I didn’t give out friendship the respect it deserved at that turning point in our lives. In all honesty I do see him occasionally, but it isn’t the same and I regret not hearing what he had to say.

This weekend was another one for goodbye’s. It’s graduation time at Georgia Tech and a lot of our friends are moving out, moving up, and moving on…but I’m staying here! We had to move Joe out of his house on Friday night, so that was hard. He has lived there basically since we started dating. Saturday we were up early early to go to graduation and it was such a loooonng ceremony! (I sat in the Georgia Dome from 7:30am to 1:00ish) After that, we went to lunch with Joe’s family and the Howard’s. We ate at fuego and the food was good, but something was missing…so we went to Krispy Kreme for desert! It was good spending that time with Andrew and his family. Then we went to Gainesville for Todd’s graduation party. There was good food, friends, and some pretty competitive ping pong.

There are so many people that are leaving Atlanta (Andrew, Todd, Dana, Josh, Jen, Alissa, Andy (even just for summer), Agnes..and the list goes on). When I do get to say a proper goodbye, it’s common to hear, “I’ll be back over the summer/for a GA Tech football game/ within a year!” But I know as much as we’d like it to be, much like I learned with Greg, it’ll never be the same. I can only hope that I learned not to laugh it off and that I conveyed how much I value those friendships and that I will miss each one of them.

Congrats to the grads & good luck to those with major life changes…I wish you all the best!

….and you’d better be ready to hang out when you come back to visit!!! 🙂

(photos to be added later!)

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