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Today is my 26th birthday! Wooo!!  As you, dear reader, are well aware, I have been struggling with the mid-mid life crisis and the aging process.  (read – gray hair post.)  But today, is a welcomed and joyous day…how often do you turn 26?


I must admit I am actually writing this on June 4th.  I will be traveling tomorrow to San Francisco where I get to spend the weekend with Joe and friends.  I couldn’t think of any way I’d rather spend my birthday.  Well, maybe swimming in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck with Joe and friends…but I’ll save that’s for another day.


My random birthday thoughts:

  1. I hope that I never get to the age of dreading my birthday.  I realize that time sneaks up on you these days.  Being 5 took forever…but being 25 seemed like a quick walk around the block.  I think that as long as you are happy with the progress you have made in the last year, a birthday is always welcome and to be celebrated.
  2. That being said…I just pictured Joe and I celebrating my 70th birthday and its pretty cool.  Maybe I’ll get a bright pink cake topped with a bonfire of 70 candles just for the fun of it.
  3. My parents always said I was a great child…until it was my birthday, and then the terror was released.  (I believe the word my mom used was “brat”.)
  4. My family celebrated half-birthdays.  We would get a cake with 5 1/2 candles on top (for example) while being sung to…”Happy half-birthday to you!…”  No wonder my full birthday expectations were so high! haha
  5. One of my favorite birthday memories was a surprise party I had when I turned 16.  (I think.)  Joy, Darcy, and I were at the fair when one of them decided to go for a walk around the park.  I look up the hill at this pavilion area and see all my friends…and my mom….and I was so confused.  “I wonder what’s going on??”, I asked.  “OH!  I think its something with Young life, ” Joy quickly replied.  I had never been so surprised nor flattered that it was a party just for me.
  6. I’m hard to surprise.  My parents tried a first surprise party when I was younger.  (5-7ish?)  We were carpooling to dance lessons with my friends Darcy and Sarah.  When we got to my house and I normally am just let out of the car, Darcy and Sarah jumped out of the vehicle before I could get out, but not before turning and looking at me and giggling.  The giggling gave it away.  I knew right then something was up…but it was good time none the less.
  7. Summer birthday’s are awesome.
  8. One of the worst birthday memories I have was from a few years ago.  I received a carefully wrapped package from my sister.  I was by myself for some reason that year and had this one, perfect box to open.  I sat down alone to open it…and within the box were smaller items.  As I went to unwrap them, I noticed something was off.   Item 1 was a little plate that had broken in transit.  I was pretty disappointed, but moved on.  Item 2 was a little cup….that had broken.   Moved on.  Item 3 – dish.  Broken.  I too, then broke down into tears.  It was so sad.  I have all 3 pieces still.  I fixed them with some industrial strength glue, and for some reason, they make me smile about that day when I see them around the house.
  9. My parents were born on the same day.  For the longest time, I thought that’s how you knew you’d found true love…if your birthdays were the same.  Maybe Mark Wahlberg doesn’t know that we are soulmates yet…mark-wahlberg

26 has a good ring to it.  Nice, even numbers.  And, being 25 was great.  I traveled to cool places, married my wonderful husband, and made memories along the way.  Who knows.  Maybe at 26, you are past the quarter-life crisis and just live.  That would be pretty sweet.


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So Joe is in LOVE with the comic below, and frankly, most of the time I just don’t find it that funny.  Occasionally, I’ll let the slightly amused smirk cross my face, but that’s the extreme extent.  When I hear Joe laughing so hard upstairs after reading the comic, chuckling to himself , “Oh T-Rex!”, I feel like I’ve missed something completely beautiful.

Until today.  I read the below comic and was laughing so hard that I actually had to hold it in (as I was at work)!  I laugh because it is sooo trrrruuue!!  Enjoy! 🙂


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When I graduated from high school, some friends and I all went camping to celebrate. We were excited about moving out, moving up, and moving on from our small town. When we were packing up the next morning, my friend Greg (whom I’ve known since we were in 6th or 7th grade) started giving me this heartfelt goodbye. I kind of laughed it off and just told him, “Its not like I’m not going to see you!!” For years now, he’s given me a hard time about this and tells me that I’m horrible at goodbyes…I didn’t give out friendship the respect it deserved at that turning point in our lives. In all honesty I do see him occasionally, but it isn’t the same and I regret not hearing what he had to say.

This weekend was another one for goodbye’s. It’s graduation time at Georgia Tech and a lot of our friends are moving out, moving up, and moving on…but I’m staying here! We had to move Joe out of his house on Friday night, so that was hard. He has lived there basically since we started dating. Saturday we were up early early to go to graduation and it was such a loooonng ceremony! (I sat in the Georgia Dome from 7:30am to 1:00ish) After that, we went to lunch with Joe’s family and the Howard’s. We ate at fuego and the food was good, but something was missing…so we went to Krispy Kreme for desert! It was good spending that time with Andrew and his family. Then we went to Gainesville for Todd’s graduation party. There was good food, friends, and some pretty competitive ping pong.

There are so many people that are leaving Atlanta (Andrew, Todd, Dana, Josh, Jen, Alissa, Andy (even just for summer), Agnes..and the list goes on). When I do get to say a proper goodbye, it’s common to hear, “I’ll be back over the summer/for a GA Tech football game/ within a year!” But I know as much as we’d like it to be, much like I learned with Greg, it’ll never be the same. I can only hope that I learned not to laugh it off and that I conveyed how much I value those friendships and that I will miss each one of them.

Congrats to the grads & good luck to those with major life changes…I wish you all the best!

….and you’d better be ready to hang out when you come back to visit!!! 🙂

(photos to be added later!)

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