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You don’t have friends because they are just like you…you have friends to compliment the best and worst in you.

If you only want to be around people just like you, I’d say you have a bit of a superiority complex.

Just a thought…


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When I graduated from high school, some friends and I all went camping to celebrate. We were excited about moving out, moving up, and moving on from our small town. When we were packing up the next morning, my friend Greg (whom I’ve known since we were in 6th or 7th grade) started giving me this heartfelt goodbye. I kind of laughed it off and just told him, “Its not like I’m not going to see you!!” For years now, he’s given me a hard time about this and tells me that I’m horrible at goodbyes…I didn’t give out friendship the respect it deserved at that turning point in our lives. In all honesty I do see him occasionally, but it isn’t the same and I regret not hearing what he had to say.

This weekend was another one for goodbye’s. It’s graduation time at Georgia Tech and a lot of our friends are moving out, moving up, and moving on…but I’m staying here! We had to move Joe out of his house on Friday night, so that was hard. He has lived there basically since we started dating. Saturday we were up early early to go to graduation and it was such a loooonng ceremony! (I sat in the Georgia Dome from 7:30am to 1:00ish) After that, we went to lunch with Joe’s family and the Howard’s. We ate at fuego and the food was good, but something was missing…so we went to Krispy Kreme for desert! It was good spending that time with Andrew and his family. Then we went to Gainesville for Todd’s graduation party. There was good food, friends, and some pretty competitive ping pong.

There are so many people that are leaving Atlanta (Andrew, Todd, Dana, Josh, Jen, Alissa, Andy (even just for summer), Agnes..and the list goes on). When I do get to say a proper goodbye, it’s common to hear, “I’ll be back over the summer/for a GA Tech football game/ within a year!” But I know as much as we’d like it to be, much like I learned with Greg, it’ll never be the same. I can only hope that I learned not to laugh it off and that I conveyed how much I value those friendships and that I will miss each one of them.

Congrats to the grads & good luck to those with major life changes…I wish you all the best!

….and you’d better be ready to hang out when you come back to visit!!! 🙂

(photos to be added later!)

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I‘ll admit it – I’m pretty much a Facebook addict. I check it almost every day to see what people are up to…see if any one has posted any new pictures. They have just added this new feature that lists people that you might know as potential friends. If you have several friends in common, this person is added to to your potential friend list. This brings up an issue I’ve had this social networking site — asking someone…more specifically, mere acquaintances, to be my Facebook friend.

I guess I’m afraid that when I send someone a friend request, they are going to look at it and say…”Who is Sara?? I really don’t know who this is at all!” I feel all… exposed. The other day, I sent a friend request to someone I thought I knew from high school, but after I received the confirmation, I realized it wasn’t the same person. This guy must have been so confused!! But, let’s be honest. The reverse happens to me all the time. Most of the time, I can look at the potential friends profile to deduce how I know him/her. But there are a few cases of friend requests I just approve it anyway without having any recollection of how I know that person. I don’t want to be mean if they think we are friends!

So, now I get updates on my home page from people I don’t really know. Hmm….I sure hope they at least upload some cool pictures…

(Well speaking of pictures, I have noticed an interesting trend in Facebook photo albums. When I first joined ‘back in the day’ in college, the majority of albums contained photos of friends, trips, crazy parties…etc. Slowly, it progressed to weddings and new houses. Now, it seems like everyone is having kids and all the albums have pictures of babies!! BABIES! I should probably add this to the list of reasons I feel old from a previous blog entry. haha! )

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That fresh, new baby smell…

As soon as I got used to all of my friends getting married, one of my best friends (Joy) goes and has a baby! I saw her a few days before she gave birth, and started to cry. (I cry a lot in these blogs, huh?) I was so happy for her and I just couldn’t believe that this was my friend with the big pregnant belly. She looked so beautiful! (I’m thinking about filing this under ‘mid-mid life crisis’ because after I thought about how exciting this is for her…I thought “Wow I’m old. “)

So anyway, a few weeks ago, I was able to visit her and her husband for the evening and got to meet little George. All I have to say is…man, babies are cute. They are like puppies. They blind you with their cuteness into wanting one…until you think about the logistics. For me, I am just getting used to this responsibility thing of paying bills and working daily. I can’t imagine taking care of anyone or anything other than me. (Koda is a stretch as it is! I get grumpy when he wakes me up in the middle of the night walking across the bed. If I actually had to get out of bed, that would be a whole other story.) Anyway, so I met baby George and had a great time talking to Joy about her new adventures in motherhood. I was able to hold him and he didn’t instantaneously start crying, which I took as a good sign that we were going to be buds.


She recently sent me some cute pictures of him that I’m posting. (with her permission, of course! I don’t want all the fame and notoriety that comes from being the subject of my blog go to his little baby head too early. 🙂 ). As time goes by, he looks more and more like Joy. I remember her baby pictures (as I’ve known her since we were 3 or 4 years old), and I can’t believe how similar they are. It’s really quite adorable.


George ‘jammin’ in his crib.

In this picture, George reminds me of my dad on vacation. Those who know him also know that as soon as he steps off the airplane, he proceeds to start the ‘double fist, stirring the pot’ action while announcing “We on vacation now! We be jammin’! We be jammin’! Oh YEA!” I fear what will happen if these two expert jammers ever meet. (-shudder-)





Happy little George! I’m sure his parents love it when they get to see this face!



My favorite outfit of his.


I’m pretty sure Watson (my sister and VJ’s dog) would look pretty cute in this get-up too. Except Watson tends to eat everything and not just sand…Hmmm.




His little face cracks me up in this one! He looks like a deer caught in headlights!! 🙂



Happy Halloween!!



I’m hoping that until I’m ready to have a baby of my own, I can babysit and play with George. That would be a pretty sweet deal…I get the cuteness and the sleep. I’m glad I thought of this before Joy did… 🙂

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So, its Monday again but I had a great weekend! We kicked things off on Friday with a birthday party for Emma (which is actually today – Happy Birthday Emma!! 🙂 ). We went to eat at RuSan’s…its not truly a birthday party until you are a ‘wiener’! We then went back to Andy’s for more festivities including cake, presents, and some dancing. I must say, I was really impressed with his UFO crash cake…kudos Mr. Kerr!

After a late night of partying, we all had to get up early to head to Augusta for a wedding. (-groan-) We made great time though with Nic’s fabulous driving! The wedding was short and sweet, and before we knew it the happy couple was driving off into the proverbial sunset leaving Nic and I holding the garter and bouquet. 10 points for our car for being the best grabbers! haha After the wedding, we checked out some of Augusta as I had never been there before. We went to the canal, walked around, and stayed on our guard for alligators.


Since we didn’t have a camera to capture our outing, I found this picture online and hope it does the area justice. It was gorgeous! (Picture the trees in the background having fall colors reflecting off of the calm water.) We then started back home, took a wrong turn and ended up in South Carolina (I keep forgetting that state is my new neighbor!), and I listened to Joe and Nic banter about ice cream for 150 miles. 🙂 What a Saturday!

On Sunday, we went to the Greek festival with Joe and his mom. Despite the fact it was extremely hot (92-ish) and crowded, we had a good time. The food was tasty and we listened to Greek music and watched some performers. They had a whole lamb roasting outside, little shops, and a cooking demonstration. They also had a short talk about Greek Orthodoxy in the cathedral, which was beautifully covered in mosaic tiles.


The only bummer of the day is that I did not satisfy my hankering for baklava. Maybe next time… 🙂 With weekends like these, who needs to go back to work?!?….

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