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So, I have some goals for this blog.  Nothing lofty.  Just writing again is a huge step.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures since I got my new camera.  I don’t think I’m going to post many of them, but I’d like to change the blog header to one of my own pictures.

I guess writing this down and sharing it with you to encourage some accountability.  If the header is the same in June…poke me with a stick.  🙂


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Blogger Fail.

Self: Hi Everyone.  My name is Sara, and I’m a failed blogger.

Group:  Hi Sara.

Self: It’s been three months since my last blog entry.

Group:  (-gasps!-)

It’s official.  I fail as a blogger.    I should make excuses (and I most likely will), but really, I just haven’t thought about it.  If anyone is still out there reading my sorry little blog, thanks for hanging on.  I make no promises, but I sure do try.  So now, to the legitimate excuses….

  1. I started school.  I don’t think I realized how much time I would need for the classes, but it has been quite consuming this fall.  On that note, its going quite well and have a mere 4 days left in the semester.  (OOohh, that’s why I decided to write now…I’m procrastinating. ha!)
  2. The lack of privacy is kinda freaking me out.   I find myself wanting to write things, but then realize I don’t really want to share that with lots of unknown internet-ers, so I err on the side of not.
  3. Lack of content.  In general, I’ve been feeling pretty blah.  And really, there is only so many times a blogger can write, “well, not much going on here” before people catch on that she actually has nothing interesting to say.  I’m in a slump I suppose.

So what has happened since September?  Well, went to Helen to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, did lots of math problems, wrote some papers, thought about buying lots of big stuff (car, dog, furniture…), didn’t buy anything (ha!), missed Indiana, Joe’s birthday, chopped off my hair (~12 inches), voted for Atlanta’s mayor, dressed up as Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones for Halloween, watched way too much new tv, and got ready for Christmas. And that is where we currently are…thinking of the holidays and getting ready for a two week vacation.  Oh sweet sleeping in.  How I love thee.

Stay tuned.  There might be more coming soon….or it might be Easter before there is another entry, and if it is, I’m sure I’ll be armed with plenty of new excuses.  🙂

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I love the internet. It can be my best friend, doctor, personal navigator…but today, I’m sick of it.

It is practically impossible to come up with an original idea. A quick google search with inform you that countless others have thought of that very thing long before you.

Is it possible to have a truly original idea?  I’m becoming disheartened…

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Well everyone…we’re back!  I’m happy to report that Joe and I had a wonderful wedding!  We just got back from our honeymoon Sunday night.  I’m sure there will be many stories to share…but for now, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for everyone that came to the wedding and for those who wished us well from afar.  We really appreciate you and hope you had a great time as well!!  Thanks!!!

Stay tuned for more blogging…. 🙂


Sara & Joe in the Bahamas! ❤

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Fun comic

Random comic. Not applicable at all here. Nope…. (-ahem-)


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I is smart.

So after checking Joe’s blog and seeing that it has the coveted ‘genius’ reading level, I decided to look into my own blog’s intelligence. I also read that VJ thought that he needed to add a few equations to get his reading level up from the formidable but slightly less advanced verbiage of a ‘High School’ reading level. The site didn’t take long to tell me my fate…..BAM. There is its folks. I sure is smart.

cash advance

Stay tuned for my next riveting blog entry…a literary analysis of ‘Curious George Goes to the Zoo.’

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Not much to say other than …check it out !! I suppose I need to set more lofty goals next time…. 🙂


Woooo! haha 🙂

Also, my quote for the day as something to ponder…

“And even if they want nuclear power for purposes that are not peaceful, with what right does (the U.S.) question it?” ~Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega speaking about North Korea and Iran.

What do you think?

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