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A texting while driving ban has been put in place in Georgia.  I don’t really have enough time to  do a full blown analysis because I’m getting ready to leave for Indiana (Yea 4th of July!!)….Anyway, I think LEGALLY banning things while driving is stupid and you’ll never get rid of distracted drivers.  People eat.  They talk to people in the car.  They sing.  Change the radio station.  The put make up on.  They have bad days.  And yes…they use their phone.  Also, it should be noted that I talk on my phone all the time while driving…but if I’m having a bad day (not enough focus for both) or traffic is crazy, I don’t.  I also never text (let alone text while driving) so it doesn’t really affect me…or does it??

  1. The law in Georgia states that drivers under 18 can’t talk or text while driving.  That’s fine and good, but how are police officers going to pick out the teenagers?  By their hot topic-esc bumper stickers?  By a quick glance/judgment of their appearance?   By the loud Justin Bieber music?  (That’s what the kids listen to these days, right?? haha!)  Will I get pulled over if a cop is unsure and he/she wants to check my age?  (OH!  I know!  Just make those “Hows my teen driving?  Call 1-888-OverProtective!” bumper stickers legally mandatory for all teens!  Thats a perfect idea…)
  2. My phone requires me to glance down while dialing.  (It’s a touch screen so you can’t just find the buttons on feel alone.)  Will I get pulled over for that?

It just seems like a hassle to prove your innocence from texting.  I also disagree fundamentally with the notion that legislating more rules should always be the solution to all problems.  (It seems like it  is much more difficult to get laws repealed than put in place which therefore just adds levels of control and bureaucracy.)  I always found it stupid that in Indiana (way back when I got my drivers permit), a teenager could drive with anyone that was a legal driver with this permit, but then after he/she got the full blown drivers license, could only drive with individuals over 21 for the first 6 months.

I do also think that everyone on the road is too quick to blame the all powerful – “They“.  “They” are the crazy ones.  “They” drive too carelessly.  “They” are the root of all problems!  But in truth, we are all part of “They”.  Drive a little nicer.  Give a little more space.  Don’t push.  Don’t flip others off.  Use your judgment and minimize your distractions when needed…simple things that shouldn’t require laws but probably all eventually will.

It should be noted that drivers found guilty of violating the laws on texting (or talking if you are under 18)  while driving face a $150 fine and a point added to their driver’s license….so happy travels and happy 4th of July!! 🙂


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