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I’m listening to music at work, and I wanted to share how awesome I think this band is…not really my typical style, but I love it. There is something so moving about their music. It gets my creative juices flowing…I can feel the emotions in the beats…perhaps it is so powerful because the listener is not burdened by lyrics. Who knows.

But you should check out both videos… because they are awesome. (The second one is more entertaining to watch…)

Ratatat: Lex

Ratatat: Loud Pipes

(And…I need to remember to look up that game – audiosurf. I’m probably way behind the times, but it looks pretty fun! Has anyone played?)


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You snooze you lose.

So…I’m sad, and some of you will share in this sadness as our potential business dreams have been dashed.

Last summer, while the family was vacationing in Tennessee, enjoying a hot breakfast with bacon…the idea came to us…we could put this wondrous scent in a jar…no! …in a candle. And they shall be called ‘man’dles. (Duh – du – DUM!!!!) 🙂




Sadly, we are too late with our genius idea. Some dude in Montana is already making our mandles. Grumble grumble.

“Oh yes Mr. Montana! You’re soooo creaative!! We thought of it too….jerk.”

…and somehow I doubt they’ve been making these products since 1907. Just a hunch.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board…

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Below is the paraphrased transcription of a phone call I had last night with Joe’s oldest sister, Stephanie.

Me: Hello…

Her: Hey Sara, Its Stephanie.

Me: (-akwardly-) Um…I know. I have your number saved in my phone. Whats up?

Her: Well, Denisse and I are here at Davids bridal and we can’t order the bridesmaid dress you picked out. They say it has been discontinued and thats why it was on sale.

Me: (—Silence— )





… while thinking: “OH CRAP sticks. That means I’m going to have to buy NEW dresses for the girls that have already ordered their dresses….how many have ordered them?….When can I get all this scheduled?…”

Her: SARA!…..JUST Kidding! We both ordered our dresses. Just thought you’d like to know…

Me: (-jolted out of my planning freak out-) Huh?…wha……oh…verrrry funny!!!! HAHAHA……….

I GET IT!!! ITS A JOKE!!!! aha….hhaha………haaaa…………………….(-shiffty eyes-)

I was just so elated to not have to start over with the dresses that I didn’t care that I completely fell for it and looked like a schmuck…

Moral of story: When in doubt, Stephanie is only kidding…

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Roll credits…

I’ve been on a “shorter but more plentiful” blog kick…so there will be no deep meaning here, just as a forewarning…

Tonight Joe, Charles and I are going to see Batman. I’m pretty excited, but it seems like I can’t keep up with all the summer movies that I would like to see! Anyway, so 12:01am we’ll be sitting in the theater…meaning I probably won’t get home and in bed until after 3am. This is the extent of my mid-mid life partying anymore. haha….

So, as I am picturing the end of the movie at ~2:45am…credits rolling…movie goers filing out like over-stimulated cattle…theater employees standing ready to swoop in and clean….Joe and Charles looking nervously around with the look on their faces that says…”why are we still sitting here??”…and me — firmly planted in my seat. Despite the fact I’m exhausted, I’ll have this uncontrollable desire to sit through the credits. No, no—it’s not to support the cast, crew. I just supported them with my $10!

I fear I’m going to miss something…that something extra. A funny snipit. An outtake. Foreshadowing. It normally is in cartoons so I without a doubt wait though those credits. But one day, I decided to wait through the credits of X-Men…and there was a bonus. It was so unexpected, yet a perfect addition to the story! I’ve been hooked since then. I wonder if there were a way I could lobby the movie industry to include more “end of credit scenes”??….Hmmmmmmm……….because THAT would be awesome!

So, go ahead Batman. Roll your credits. I’ll be waiting and watching from the shadowy movie theater…..secretly hoping for more…

….I just hope that I don’t miss my ride home…


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Slowly but surely…

I was flipping through some facebook photos of a friend of a friend’s birthday celebration. There were 4 girls dressed up looking cheerful and the caption stated simply, “25th birthday dinner.” Upon seeing this, I immediately though to myself, “Wow that’s old….”



(….wait for the realization)




“………..Wait a second!!…….I’m 25. OHhhhh, crap.”

It took me awhile, but it finally set it that I’m 25. HAHAHA. I’m officially an old putz.  (-rolls eyes at self-)


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No stress.

In honor of Bastille Day AND the fact I don’t want to be at work today, I give you this video by a French artist discussing his desire to not be at work… 🙂

No stress – Laurent Wolf

“Its not that I’m lazy…think I’m just crazy.”

(Sorry for the external link…I couldn’t embed the video for some reason.)

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So I’m pretty sure we all are aware of the crazy industry that is the wedding industry.  Well, as I’m perusing the news I stumble upon this article and I couldn’t help myself from sharing

“JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Guests at an Israeli wedding hall can now insert a credit card into a machine at its entrance, tap in a sum and leave a gift for the bride and groom.

“It’s new in Israel and the world,” Aya Alon Kaufman of the Gan Oranim hall in Tel Aviv said on Israel’s Channel 10 television. “It’s very convenient … guests can give a gift even if they forget their chequebooks.”

She said couples pay 500 shekels ($155) to rent the device, which resembles an automated teller machine and the recorded funds are transferred into their bank account the next day.

The machine, shown being used in the television report, prints out a “deposit” slip with the guest’s name, which can be put into an envelope along with a congratulatory note and inserted into a slot in the device for the couple to retrieve.

Rather than bring boxed gifts, guests at Israeli weddings usually leave cash or cheques in envelopes they slip into a safe placed at the reception hall’s door.

HAHAHAHA….how ridiculous!!  It’s like charging admission to see the ceremony!  I can just imagine it like baseball seating.  “Front 5 pews:  $100.  Mid – center aisle: $50.  Back 5 pews: $25.”  And here I was worrying it was not proper etiquette to create a honeymoon registry…& this just goes way above and beyond all that!!

What won’t the wedding industry come up with to get your money?  And I wonder just how long it will take for this to be common here in the US??……

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