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Home sweet google.

I’m preparing for my trip back to my hometown this weekend for the wedding of one of my old friends. I will be meeting up with another good friend of mine and I was checking out my trusting google maps to refresh myself on how to get to his place. I never thought it could happen, but after being gone for ~7+ years, I actually have forgotten most of the roads. I found myself checking out the location of the post office, the high school, the movie theater…and somehow, I wound up hovering over my old house of 18 years.

It’s almost a ‘stalker-ish’ sensation you get when you know a property so well that is no long your own. “There the tree I used to love climbing. Oh! They put in a pool and and built a bigger back porch. I wonder if the backyard has flooded yet? …Ha! I used to actually sit on the roof in that spot. That’s where Snowy is buried. Hmm…I wonder what they are having for dinner??…….”

OH WAIT!!…I didn’t really think that last one! But it felt stalker enough for it to be plausible, right?

I guess that silly cliché is true…you can’t go home again. But thanks to google, you can check in from time to time and make sure they are taking care of the lawn properly!


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